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Email marketing

Send emails that speak
directly to your peeps.

Did you know that email marketing is one of the OGs of digital marketing tactics?

It’s an oldie but it doesn’t mean it’s outdated. It’s still highly effective.

A great email marketing strategy requires a good mix of perseverance and consistency.

Your customers don’t want another generic email hitting their inbox, you have to stand out.

We can craft an efficaciously written email campaign and automation to charm your audience and convert more business.

Benefits of email marketing

Targeted reach

Every campaign is personalized and catered to your audience’s needs and interests. Only get in front of those you want.

Drive traffic

A tried-and-true way to generate traffic. With the right call-to-action (CTA) you can drive your audience to your website.

Easy to measure ROI

Get real-time access to metrics and know which campaigns are effective and which ones need optimization.

Generate more leads

Email marketing is used to nurture leads and improve conversions and help to automate part of your sales process.

Choose your plan

Pick a plan that best fits your needs.




We also offer a combo email marketing + social media plan. If you're interested, contact us.